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Beat bump beat

Beat bump beat Inhale there is my heart  It skips a beat when I am in your presenceI’m amazed that you are in my life I feel like my heart melts From the heat that is yours  Love is beyond wonderful I never thought I could feel this way again To quote that famous singer Legend“I have been lifted” to a another level  No longer alone as one                                          But as a couple that is one heart together   A love affair grand on an airplaneFloating in the sky and rising into space Oh how can it be better? Only God can make it so  For He has smiled and Blessed me more than words can express We were once together and forces pulled us apartLove like this never dies but pull us closer With you gone a major part of me was missingAnd nothing or no one could bring my heart alive again When I see you I have butterflies like when we first metI love the touch of you and when you pull me close It started again the feeling of the first time we metAnd then I breathe again exhale my heart goes beat bump beat