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NaNoWriMo for Afterlives

So my Flash Fiction Online teacher from a UCLA Extension class (the wonderful David Borofka) suggested that I, and several of my classmates who are planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, come over here to do a blog while we travel through Crazy Land of 50,000+ words a month in November. This will be my second time doing NaNoWriMo (and Happy 10th Anniversary to them!). I took a UCLA Extension class with Ian Randall Wilson in 2006 that introduced me to this world and wrote a free-wheeling, full of self-confessional stops and starts, narrative where I attempted to flail out my idea for a novel I'd been cultivating for a year or so. The advice I got was to start with nothing and no pre-conceived notions -- write anything but the novel I was already writing. So I started a little schizophrenic and ended up that way too. BUT, some of the material I produced ended up being foundations for poems & short stories I've worked on since, so it was still very beneficial.


This year, on my 2008 return, I'm actually gonna go against advice, and try to write that initial novel, with a loose outline, and use the 30 days just to write the damned story out, more focused, yet still also leaving room for the free-wheeling. Won't use any material or work from earlier iterations. Will just start from a certain point, and work any of the myriad elements I've been carrying along with me for the past few years, writing forward. At the very least, it will be an exorcism of sorts. At the absolute most, I'll finally have a firm skeleton for that original novel I've been carrying around in my head for some time--AFTERLIVES! So...onward!