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And So It Begins....

Late start. Yesterday, had high-flutin' plans of getting ahead with word count AND catching up with my feedback for my Flash Fiction class. Ended up extremely exhausted after some housekeeping to clear my space--and my brain. That buring the candle at both ends of the past week must have drained me more than I thought.


But I did write, though it was this morning, and I'm counting it as delayed for yesterday: 1,702 words. My daily total is supposed to be 1,667 to keep on track toward that 50,000 words by the end of the 30 days. I'm going to do another session for today's word count tonight.


It's a very rambling start -- I am merely getting reacquainted with Gabby and this story and its iterations I've been carrying around for so long. It seemed to want to start at the smudge again, though chronologically, the story goes back much farther. But I'll go with it. Just let it flow. I can cut and paste and put order in December. Right now, it's just about breaking the logjam in my head around this story.