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Story Published at Every Day Fiction today, June 9th.

Good news! My funny funny flash fiction piece, "The Heist" is up at EveryDayFiction http://www.everydayfiction.com/ . Stop by and read it and vote.

I have three more appearances this month. They are as follows:

I'll be at the Afternoon with Local Writers at the community center in Cotati put on by Redwood Writers Club http://redwoodwriters.org/ (see their website for more info or mine http://wilkes.zftp.com/Lavratt.html) on June 21 at 2 PM. This is a free event.

On June 22nd, I'll be reading (probably a short story- though books will be available for sale) during open mic at Finbar Divine's in Petaluma at the Pints, Poetry and Prose event (6:30PM).

On June 28th, I'm signing books at The Comic Book Box in Rohnert Park, in University Square (1451 Southwest Blvd., across from Rancho Cotati HS) from 1-4PM.

I had a great time on June 3rd, reading from Awesome Lavratt and hearing Camille Picott read from Raggedy Chan, her new graphic novel, in Healdsburg. See her blog at http://camillemulan.livejournal.com/ for more on this. I got the second signed copy. :) Camille has a book launch on June 14th from 3-6PM at St. John's Parish Hall, 217 Fitch St., Healdsburg.

I'll be in Sonoma on July 26 to MC and read from Awesome Lavratt at the next Redwood Writers Club's Odd Month Reading. And probably the next evening at Finbar's again.

There will also be a Redwood Writers joint book launch party in July that will include my Awesome Lavratt. I don't have the date or venue yet, though.

Don't forget to check out my main blog, Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys at http://sciencefictionmusings.blogspot.com.

I'm currently working on a new SF novel and a mainstream novel I started years ago. And a Bull Ridiing story! :) More on that later.

Lastly, please oh please stop by my website at http://www.annwilkes.com and sign up for my newsletter. It's very safe. You have to type the funny letters into the box and verify through email so no one can hijack the emails. I will only send around 3 or 4 notices per year.

I'm also updated my bio on my website to include all the forums I'm on. It's quite a list: My Book Place, MySpace, Face Book and Live Journal, to name a few.