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I just posted an interview with fantasy author Jasper Fforde of Thursday Next (series) fame over at Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys. Last week, I interviewed Juliette Wade. Last month it was David Brin and Kevin J. Anderson.  Next month I have more great authors lined up. I'll also be off to...
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I've been away from the Red Room for many moons. I mostly hang out at Face Book and blog at http://sciencefictionmusings.blogspot.com Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys. I've also become a member of a group blog for Redwood Writers and agreed to do book reviews for yet another online site (...
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I'm the guest on Word by Word tonight at 7PM PST on KRCB 91 FM.It's a local low frequency station but you can "tune in" on your computer at:http://www.krcb.org/Live-Stream/Radio-content/Live-Stream I read from Awesome Lavratt and also my short, "Jolaneering". And, of course, I...
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2008, the Year of the Short Story SalesThis year has been my year for getting short stories published. And not just online. Two stories made it onto Every Day Fiction's website:  "The Heist" and "Your Smiling Face". "The Heist" also made it to their The Best of Every...
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Like the Indiana Jones hat?
Latest Publications I sold my second flash (under 1K words) piece to Every Day Fiction this month.  In "Your Smiling Face" a woman is haunted by her boyfriend, or is she? "Jolaneering" was published at the beginning of September at Nanobison.com. Imagine you have to babysit a...
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Good news! My funny funny flash fiction piece, "The Heist" is up at EveryDayFiction http://www.everydayfiction.com/ . Stop by and read it and vote. I have three more appearances this month. They are as follows: I'll be at the Afternoon with Local Writers at the community center in Cotati...
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Leading a Panel
I went to BayCon over Memorial Weekend. It was a very fruitful and fun event. And long...four days! I met lots of great authors, sat on four panels and hosted a Broad Universe reading. Please read all about it on my main blog here: http://sciencefictionmusings.blogspot.com. The first day there, I...
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I just posted a story, "Marfina", to my main blog site. Find it here: http://sciencefictionmusings.blogspot.com/2008/04/marfina-as-promised-fr... There's a goofy picture of yours truly there, too.  
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