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Jewelle St. James's ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Jewelle St. James' fascinating story of her centuries-old love affair with Beatle John Lennon, begins in December 1980 when she first hears the news of his death. Though not a Beatle fan, she finds herself plunged into a profound depression which takes a toll on her life as an otherwise normal young wife and mother. As the months pass, she begins to have psychic experience which suggest she knew Lennon in a past life. Not one to take these things lightly, she embarks on a quest to uncover as many details as possible. St. James' simple storytelling style suits this plot-driven psychological thriller, which takes her to England and the village of Petworth where she succeeds in finding records and traces of the 16th-century couple whose love story ended in a tragic early death. As the evidence for reincarnation continues adding up, St. James' own 20th-century marriage suffers as she loses herself in her research, sometimes fuelled by other-worldly messages from John Lennon. Altogether a rivetting read, this book offers insights into the impact of Lennon's death on a generation. It's also a cautionary tale which makes it clear there are risks involved in investigating the paranormal.

(Editor's Note: Originally posted as a comment on August 22nd, 2012.)