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Twit for Tat

So a little more than a year later I have gotten my undies out of enough of a wad to write my first three paragraphs of my blog and upload a short story in progress. I just cringe at the thought of it not being 'good enough' so I'm just going to pretend to be writing to you, oh my inspirational friend.

My Twitter isn't working - hasn't been since the invasion. I can read stuff from the people I'm following on my page but when I try to tweet, I keep getting a 'we can't connect right now message' but I notice YOU are twitting, er, tweeting away as usual. It's probably because my attempts at a tweet are so mundane the site can't even bear to post them.

I'm guessing I'm really not getting the spirit of the Twitter Society. Who gives a rats ass about what I'm doing right now? "Picked my fingernails bloody and ate too many animal crackers". Probably rebelling because it's in, it's now, it's hip, it's Superman.

Anyway, please check out the blog. And the story. If you can stand it.