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Chart a Course

Where is the beginning and where is the end?
Does the brain have the control?
Or is it the heart that stays your friend?

How long do you wait?
Do you take the leap of faith and jump?
Do you dare tip your hand?
And take the risk of being the trump?

Why does everything have to be outside the box?
Is it not allowed that our box is familiar?
Must it always be an uphill journey?
Waiting for the noon bells as the gunslinger?

Who has the necessary words?
Where does the comfort come from?
How do you get up and go?
Instead of reaching for the rum.

How do you keep the stacks from falling?
From caving in on top of you,
Is strength the answer, time perhaps?
But in the meantime, what do you do?

Nothing is right, all is askew,
The top is the bottom and the bottom the top,
There must be a point of light,
Like a moon dog just at the right spot.

Do we take out our mechanical pencils and start to chart a course?
A path perhaps to that one thing we need?
Do we even know what the thing is?
At some point, somehow, there has to be a seed.

A stone must be laid in the foundation of our lives,
Then, you can build the hearth and have the wood fire.
You are not alone in your journey,
There is a will, and that will, will lead to the desire.

And the happiness.