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Jan 2010

Angelica di Verona works as a waitress up and down the East Coast, managing to save up enough money to live in Italy part of every year. She rents a pensione in a friend's place on Lake Como and has seen George Clooney at a distance through a pair of antique binoculars.

She first pursued a career as a soprano at Julliard, dabbled in painting at the Sorbonne, tried her hand at film-making and was pulled back into writing. Her influences include Marcel Proust, Anais Nin, and the writers of the Lost Generation.

She has written a nonfiction book Sparrow about the life of French composer Maurice Durufle's wife, who herself was a brilliant writer whose manuscripts are archived in Paris. She is currently marketing Sparrow with the assistance of her agent, the impertinent and devoted Yugoslavian talent Juliana Stankov. Also underway: a novel, Le Desarroi du Mon Mere (My Mother's Disarray), drawing on her brief stint as a psychiatric nurse in the 80's in the English town of Chipping Camden.

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Horse racing, flying (have pilot's license), ballet.