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The Merrion, My Residence in Dublin

The business card read “My residence in Dublin,” and gave The Merrion’s address and contact information.  A stack of them sat on the desk in my jewel-box of a room, and they summed up my precise feelings about The Merrion.  Indeed, it felt as if I’d found a new home. 

And it is that home-away-from-home feel that The Merrion strives for with each thoughtful detail.  The hotel occupies what used to be four separate 18th century town homes in the heart of Dublin’s Georgian quarter.  In the mid-1990’s the homes had fallen into disrepair and were purchased and carefully restored and combined to become the heart of The Merrion. In fact, when my taxi pulled up in front of a charming but unassuming front door, I wasn’t sure the driver had delivered me to the right place.  But where most hotels broadcast their presence on the street, arriving at The Merrion feels much like arriving at the home of a friend -- who happens to have a fabulous house.

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Delighted to hear that you

Delighted to hear that you had a good experience at last. Mp