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Spring in Sacramento

First, a confession: I have two really big projects that I'm working on right now, so I won't be posting quite as regularly for the next month or two.  Fear not, though, I have exciting things on the horizon, though, including a trip to the UK and Ireland and a new ebook all within the next few months!

I have been busy keeping up with my Project365, too.  What a joy it is! And right now I find myself in the role of documentarian -- watching through my lens each day as Spring returns to Sacramento.  By the way, if you ever decide to come my direction, this is the time to do it.  Sacramento is gorgeous in late February, March, and early April.  The fruit trees are blooming.  The flowers are blooming.  Frankly most every blooming thing is starting to bloom!  We have a huge oak tree in our yard with swelling buds -- I predict baby leaves within the next ten days.

Read more and see photos of spring in Sacramento at my hom blog: