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Renting an Apartment in Venice

When our favorite pensione in Rome closed several years ago, my husband and I were forced to start thinking creatively about where we could stay in Italy. Most hotels are too expensive for our modest budget, and we just aren’t into the hostel-thing any more. After a lot of research, we decided to try renting apartments, and we have never looked back. This practice is uncommon in North America, but we have now rented apartments all over Italy, and not only do we save a lot of money, we have also stayed in some great locations and have seen a slice of Italy which those who stay in hotels often miss.

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Very interesting

I'll keep this in mind on my next trip to Italy! My partner and I have been talking about doing a long-term stay in either Italy or France, and sometimes VRBO.com pricing can be a little outrageous. Great resource. Hope you have many wonderful travels to come :-).

Anthony DiFiore

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Anthony, when you two decide to head to Italy for your next trip, contact me.  I have all kinds of good people to recommend for rentals -- short or long-term.  And dealing with them directly can mean excellent pricing, too.  

Now I'm off to follow you on Twitter!  Thanks for commenting!