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Prosecco: Venice's Sparkling Wine

On a hot, sweaty day nothing is more refreshing that a cool flute of Prosecco. Light, often slightly sweet with just a hint of citrus, Prosecco is Italy’s most famous sparkling wine. Made from grapes by the same name, Prosecco hails from the Veneto -- the region surrounding Venice. And given the sultry summer days that can descend on the Veneto, it is no surprise that they have developed a fine, light and refreshing sparkling wine – perfectly refreshing.

Cousin to France’s champagne, Prosecco’s fermentation process requires less fuss. Bottles don’t have to be turned twice each day, and the wine is fermented in steel casks. In wine speak, Prosecco is a “young wine.” It is intended to be enjoyed soon after bottling. In fact, keeping Prosecco for a long time will diminish the flavors. This in turn means that Prosecco can be a less-expensive pleasure.

Read more about Prosecco and get my recipe for a Frozen Bellini at my home blog:



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Prosecco is the only thing that will pull me away from red wines! I can't wait to try your frozen Bellini.

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Cari, I am a red wine girl, too!  But I have to confess, I think I like Prosecco better than Champagne (don't tell the French). 

Thanks for the comment!