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Passports with Purpose: Help Build a School in Cambodia

Last year I joined a group of travel bloggers who set out to use our blogs for good during the holiday season.  Together we raised more thank $7000 for Heifer International.  This year we've set our sights even higher.  We call ourselves Passports with Purpose, and this year we want to build a school in Cambodia. 

How do we raise the money? We host an online raffle.  For every $10 donation you make, you get a raffle ticket for a prize of your choosing.  And the prizes are fabulous!  Heck, my prize is a 2-night stay at the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, B.C. courtesy of KiwiCollection.com.  

So, I encourage you to visit my home blog for more information about Passports with Purpose.  

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Live generously, and Happy Holidays!