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Just Go! But Take Yer Time at the Roundabouts

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Drive on the Left! (Part 2) Monday

Strangely, the idea of driving on the wrong side of the road didn’t seem that odd. As I dressed and packed up a few things for the day, I thought, “I can do this. I am capable. I can do this.” I walked over to the airport to check my email. Sifting through good and bad news, junk mail and bon voyage wishes, my confidence increased. I had one day. One day in Ireland all to myself. No demands. No agendas. And I wanted to see Ireland. According to Lonely Planet “traveling by car or motorbike is the ideal way to explore some of the best of Ireland’s landscape, especially in remote areas.” I wasn’t going to learn to ride a motorcycle on the left, so that left driving.

I looked over to the Avis desk. There she sat, my iconic lassie, looking ever the part of the Irish queen. Let’s call her “Maureen.”

“It’s a holiday. The traffic will be light,” I told myself as I approached the desk. “You needn’t go far. You don’t even have to leave the airport.”

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