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In reference to: Advertising - F.T.C. to Rule Blogs Must Disclose Gifts or Pay for Reviews - NYTimes.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

Bloggers are watching this news from the FTC carefully -- or at least they should be. If you are wondering where I stand, know that I don't get paid for my tweets or for my posts. I do not "place" articles for advertisers. And when I do take freebies, I always let you know.

For more information about my advertising and sponsorship policies, check out this link:

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For those of us old enough

For those of us old enough to remember the famous Dick Clark payola scandal of the late 1950's this whole subject should bring up a few familiar vibes....but perhaps not in the way one might expect.

What most people don't realize is that what Dick Clark did at the time was NOT illegal at the time. The term PAYOLA did not exist in the English language until after the fact....in fact the term was CREATED to describe Mr. Clark's activities, after said fact, which until that time, didn't even have a name.

What Mr. Clark suffered was a classic (and unconstitutional) case of "ex post facto" legislation.

Although I am basically in favor of the FTC ruling, there are some very egregious provisions in the text involving retroactive fines for "violators." Bloggers should not have to suffer under the same ex post facto maltreatment as Mr. Clark.