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A Red-Letter Day!


Today is a Red-Letter Day! 

The term “Red-Letter Day” comes to us across the centuries.  Church festivals and saint days were traditionally written in red ink – thus “Red-Letter Days.”  And, while it is Holy Week there is cause for personal celebration making today a Red-Letter Day for me!

From my uncle, Todd, this morning:


Begin forwarded message:

From: Amazon.com <ship-confirm@amazon.com>

Date: March 19, 2008 3:48:04 AM EDT (CA)

To: Todd Livdahl

Subject: Your Amazon.com order has shipped

Greetings from Amazon.com.

We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this

completes your order.

The following items have been shipped to you by Amazon.com:


Qty      Item                           Price  Shipped  Subtotal


Amazon.com items (Sold by Amazon.com, LLC):

  2     A Journey into Michelangel...   $14.93      2   $29.86

Shipped via USPS (estimated arrival date: 27-March-2008).


I haven’t even seen a copy of the book yet, but Amazon is shipping them.  This is good news.  Very good news.  After a tumultuous two years of research and writing, writing and rewriting.  Cutting that baby in half.  And rewriting some more… well, at last I’ve come to the ultimate point:  someone will be able to hold it and read it and use it! 

A Red-Letter Day!  


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I have read your blogs with great interest. I love Italy and your passion for the history, art and your journey is so clear.I am so happy to hear that the waiting is over. Congratulations and I wish you the best!

Margarita Duggan