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Serendipity ... October 2012


Serendipity is not your traditional style newsletter. It is Angel Logan's unique way of reaching out to her readers and friends – to stay in touch, to give updates on her writing career, and to share a few of the personal and professional pearls of wisdom that she has acquired along her journey. It is great to have you here, and Angel hopes you enjoy reading this month’s Serendipity.


                 The harvest moon is the most beautiful way to begin October and kick off the autumn season. I think it is a part of nature that many of us take for granted, which is the reason I like to stop and gaze at the full moon every month. Silly as it sounds, I've always found it fascinating that I could view the same moon that someone else on the other side of the world was viewing. I know that sometimes I forget about the important things, while immersed in my own daily chronicles of life. However, when I do forget, I usually try to remind myself to slow down, breathe, and enjoy some of my life experiences a little more.

I had the opportunity to admire another aspect of nature recently, when Dana and I visited "The Butterfly Place" in Westford, MA. It is a little indoor garden filled with hundreds of butterflies, flying all over. There were little birds, fountains, and butterflies everywhere I looked. One landed on Dana's shoulder and another landed on my head. I felt such a sense of peace and serenity while we were there. All I could hear was the soothing music that they had playing in the background and the sounds of nature contained in this garden. It was the perfect indoor place to visit on a cold or rainy day, but also, it was an environment that made me feel happy the way the ocean makes me feel. I don't know if everyone would enjoy visiting a butterfly garden, but I think we need to find and do more activities that enable us to reconnect with ourselves and each other.
On another note, I had the opportunity to connect with a celebrity last month -- Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Bravo Housewives series and talk show host of "Watch What Happens Live." He wrote a book called, "Most Talkative" and did a book signing at his alma mater Boston University bookstore. I have to say that Andy is just as down-to-earth in person as he is on television. It was actually my first time attending someone else's book signing instead of my own and I was more than happy to support another author. Of course, with Andy's high profile, I may not be as famous as he is, but one day, I hope to have a signing with the number of people in line to see me that he had wrapped in circles to see him.

Finally, Halloween is at the end of this month. There will be ghosts and goblins, candy corn, pumpkin carving, costume parties, and trick or treating. Have fun with your various activities, but always remember to be safe!

As always, thank you everyone for your love, friendship, and unyielding support during the past seven years. I look forward to more years with all of you! Talk to you next month.


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