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Serendipity ... November 2011


Serendipity is not your traditional style newsletter. It is Angel Logan's unique way of reaching out to her readers and friends – to stay in touch, to give updates on her writing career, and to share a few of the personal and professional pearls of wisdom that she has acquired along her journey. It is great to have you here, and Angel hopes you enjoy reading this month’s Serendipity.

HI EVERYONE! Snow already in New England? I cannot believe it! I am not ready for winter weather in the fall, but like it or not – it is here, so I guess I will make the best of it with hot apple cider, snuggly warm blankets, and yummy baked dinners. A few days ago, I read an article about the typical professional writer's life. The interesting part was how some writers throw themselves into their writing careers 24 hours per day, while other writers have difficulty finding enough time to foster their writing careers, because they allow the other areas of their lives to inundate them.

Hmmm, It seems that balance continues to be the theme of this season. Just as we need to balance emotional health with daily living, we need to find balance between our careers and our personal lives. I know that I'm making it sound easy, and for those of you who know me personally, you know that I don't always practice what I preach, as I tend to be career driven. However, even when we know how to take care of ourselves, it doesn't mean we always do it, and sometimes we need reminders. This article was a good reminder for me.

If your passion is also your career – it is "wicked easy" (as we say in the Boston area) to let it consume you, especially in this economy. I've been guilty of that more times than not. The problem is that living this way does not promote much balance and harmony in your life. Whether you are a writer, musician, or have another career – you need to know when to work and when to nurture yourself. This means that if we don't have time in our schedules, then we need to make time to enjoy a few blissful moments. By the same token, if your career is something that gives you passion, then you need to make time to cultivate it, because life will always get in the way, if we let it. I plan to work on finding my own balance, and I hope all of you will too.

Finally, the Thanksgiving holiday is only a few weeks away. Remember what I always say – it isn't about the food, location, or any of the other superficial details. The holiday is about being thankful and being with the people you love. As always, thank you everyone for your love, friendship, and unyielding support during the past six years. I look forward to more years with all of you! Talk to you next month.



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