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Serendipity ... July 2013

WELCOME NEW AND LONG TIME SUBSCRIBERS!Serendipity is not your traditional style newsletter. It is Angel Logan's unique way of reaching out to her readers and friends – to stay in touch, to give updates on her writing career, and to share a few of the personal and professional pearls of wisdom that she has acquired along her journey. It is great to have you here, and Angel hopes you enjoy reading this month’s Serendipity.

HI EVERYONE!   Did you see the super moon last month? What a beautiful site and the perfect way to officially start the summer season. I don't know much about astronomy, but I have a telescope and I have a lot of fun gazing at the moon and stars through it. The super moon was no exception ... it was absolutely incredible.            

Since I've been running the Facebook page for my husband's store, I've been more in-tuned to the hockey scene than usual during play-offs and the Stanley Cup finals. I've been posting current hockey game news for all of Dana's customers, who are hockey fans too. I think my husband has loved having more in-depth hockey talks with me and I have to admit, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Unfortunately, the Bruins didn't win, but they came close and played a fabulous season! I'm glad that I was able to enjoy it with my husband. For those of you who visited the Dyer Liquors Facebook page and LIKED it ... thank you! I'm still building an audience, but the additional support from you has been great! If you haven't been by to visit, check it out at:www.facebook.com/dyerliquors  

 July 4th is in a couple of days. This is a huge celebration time for everyone. People will be grilling for their cookouts, having cocktails, and in some states setting off fireworks. Whatever you choose to do for the 4th ... enjoy your celebrations, enjoy each other, and but please be safe!   

Finally, over the past year, many have faced much adversity and loss from the events during and after the Boston Marathon, the school and theater shootings, and Mother Nature's calamity. Life offers more than enough challenges and stress, which is the reason I think it is important that we all find our place of serenity. Perhaps it is exercising in a yoga class, casting a fishing line into a lake, reading a good book, writing a story or poem, listening to your favorite music, playing the guitar, riding a longboard down the street, or simply lighting some candles and taking a bubble bath. Each and every one of us have ways that we can find that sanctuary within ourselves, allowing us to let go of the stress and reconnect with who we are and what gives us solace. The ocean is one of those sanctuaries for me and I'd like to share a little of that joy with all of you through this poem:  


I dance along the edge of the ocean
beneath the glow of moonlight
feeling it’s power and magic
splash upon me. 

The sea cleanses my fears,
drowns the black clouds
and awakens my heart
to it’s wonder. 

The waves are blankets of smiles
rippling toward me
as I await the capture of
the gold of sunlight,
the flame of dusk,
the green of the sea
and the bluebirds of the sky. 

The miracle of life
is the radiance
that flows from the tangle of rainbows
that shine upon the ocean,
spreading the colors of happiness
all over the world. 

When I see and feel
the beauty of the rainbows
encircling me
on my mystical journey,
I know that serenity is near by.  


Written by Published Author, Angel Logan
Excerpt from the book,
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection by Angel Logan


As always, thank you everyone for your love, friendship, and unyielding support! I look forward to many more years with you! See you next month.    


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