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Angel Logan's Write of Passage - Reflection
SEA OF REFLECTION Walk along the crystal grains
of the white sandy shore
and hear the music of the ocean
call out to you. The voice of the sea
will sing to you in whispers
slowly wiping away the tears
of the fog that blinds you. Holding on to the fear of
pain, rejection and loneliness
will only lead you into a funhouse of images
distorting the mirror of who you really are. Your heart will stop weeping
and your injured spirit will heal,
if you take a chance and open your eyes,
relinquish the fear and
look into the sea of reflection. The hidden life and love
that remains locked within your prison of fear
will freely release as you begin
to see yourself and all of the good
that is inside of you,
awaiting to be shared with those you love. If you can trust yourself and your spirit,
If you can believe in you
and the all of the happiness and special gifts
that you have to offer ...
You will always see nothing but beauty
every time you look into the sea of reflection. ~~~


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