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I've Returned From an De Facto Exile--Hopefully

As a young writer, I suppose I'm still learning how to be disciplined. This past year, I wrote when I had "time". Translation, "never". This past weekend, however, I attended the LA Writers Conference, which helped me realized a few things. Those who succeed as authors did so because they made time. Then when they're well established, they have the luxary of doing the whole sit in your PJs past 11:00 gig.

It is now 5:35 am and I'm writing my first blog post for the past several months. Is my thick skull finally getting penetrated? Let's hope it is.

Here's my plan as I move forward. I will finish my current project, Monster Inside Him, and get it published. Then I will revise and extend the novel, Draegon Taymerx Book 1: The Secret of Aejution, which I currently have self published through iUniverse. I will publish this extended edition through a traditional publisher.

You see, I feel I need to do Monster Inside Him first, because I learned at the conference that traditional publishers are reluctant to take on unestablished authors who want their manuscript to be the first of a series.

So why is it now this important to me to go the traditional publishing route? I've come to realize that there are only three groups of people in which either self publishing or print on demand makes sense:

1. Big cheeses like Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Martha Steward, Oprah, etc.

2. Those who understand marketing ten times more than I do and therefore can actually sell their book.

3. Those who aren't thinking big, so a service like this is sufficient for their needs. Maybe something like a family history story to pass on to the grandkids.

I would submit that anyone who doesn't fall into any of those catagories should go the traditional route, though some may feel different about this. This means I have my work cut out for me, so I best be getting my daily routine well established and refuse to let the muse be silenced.