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East Eats West
Published by Diacritics
Christina Vo revisits Andrew Lam’s two previous memoir essay collections, Perfume Dreams and East Eats West, and previews his forthcoming fiction collection,...
East Eats West
Published by Los Angeles Review of Books
  Of Refugees and Cosmopolites  Ever since childhood, I have had an odd aversion to reading any book with the word "dream" in its title, doubly distasteful to me those...
East Eats West
Published by Asian American Literary Review
  The year 2010 marked a turning point for Vietnamese American literature.  Monique Truong’s Bitter in the Mouth, Andrew Lam’s East Eats West, and...
East Eats West
Published by Scribd.com
  Barros, Corina 07-78921 September 29, 2010 Prof. Jose Y Dalisay Jr CL 111 The Image of Displacement when East Meets West Palmistry or the characterization and foretelling...
East Eats West
Published by International Examiner
Andrew Lam’s book is something of a mixed bag. It is part essay and part journalism. In his essays, he writes in the first-person and mines the material of his life from times...
East Eats West
Published by Examiner.com
  Stories about immigration to the United States are always compelling for the enourmous fears faced and challenges overcome by the young and old. Fleeing...
East Eats West
Published by Audrey Magazine
"In his collection of 21 personal essays, East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres, Andrew Lam explores not only how the East and West have respectively changed but how they are...
East Eats West
Published by Hyphen Magazine
From Hyphen Magazine: "In One Passionate Essay, 'Letter to a Young Iraqi Refugee", journalist Andrew Lam, who was forced into exile from Vietnam as a boy, advises the youth: "...
East Eats West
Published by Readallday.org
East and West Meet and Greet December 13, 2010 Andrew Lam's collection of essays, very cleverly entitled East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres, is a timely ode to the growing...
Perfume River
Published by Hawaii Pacific University
Matthew de Moraes Andrew Lam, author of Perfume Dreams (2005), is currently an established writer in California and founder of the New California Media. Andrew Lam is also a...
East Eats West
Published by Nguoi Viet Newspaper/Orange County
Monique Truong and Andrew Lam answering questions from the audience aftera reading event recently organized by the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA)....
East Eats West
Published by Smithsonian Bookdragon
Unlike the rest of Andrew Lam‘s relatives who only want to bombard him with questions about meeting Hiroyuki Sakai of Iron Chef fame (I don’t watch TV and I hate to cook), what I...
Published by bookdragon
East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres by Andrew Lam Unlike the rest of Andrew Lam‘s relatives who only want to bombard him with questions about meeting Hiroyuki Sakai of Iron...
Perfume River
Published by USC Annenberg
History is a living, breathing thing, and, yet, your own history can sometimes take your breath away. It pulls at you, it shapes you, it gives you a personal, unique view on the...
Perfume River
Published by http://www.fertel.com/forums/Forum13/HTML/000009.html
Perfume Dreams is, to me, a storybook. Lam’s words, even the title, give me the chills. There are ghosts at work in this book, figures and objects and charred photographic remains...