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How Did I Get So Busy?

Join life coach Valorie Burton on a revitalizing 28-day journey to take back your schedule, reclaim your sanity, and replenish your energy. Through her proven techniques and valuable insights, you'll discover how to carve out time for the things that reflect your highest priorities and, in the process, redesign your lifestyle to more fully express who God created you to be. Packed with realistic strategies for reducing stress and increasing satisfaction, How Did I Get So Busy? will help you trim your to-do list, drop unwanted clutter, listen for the Spirit's leading, and nourish your soul with answers to your life's most important questions. Valorie Burton is the author of several books including Why Not You? and Listen to Your Life. A sought-after speaker and life coach, she runs Inspire, Inc., a media company that provides tools and information to inspire, teach, and empower individuals to live their best lives.