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Andrew Demcak's Books

Ghost Songs by Andrew Demcak
It’s not easy being Todd Williams, a fourteen-and-a-half-year-old gay musical prodigy. The bullies, Bob and Ari, at his fancy private school make his life a living hell. Todd’s drunken, irresponsible mother, Eddie, constantly embarrasses him and puts his artistic future in jeopardy. And now, his best friend, Jennifer, who plays clarinet with him in the orchestra, isn’t speaking to...
If There's a Heaven Above by Andrew Demcak JMS Books 2013
GENRE: Contemporary • LGBTQ Literary Fiction • It's the early 1980's and Matt is on the cusp of adulthood in the flickering shadows of Los Angeles' Gothic music scene. He dives into a pulsating world of death-rock music, sexy musicians, and strung-out groupies in leather bondage pants and vampire makeup. Through the faded glamour and glittering whirlpool of alcohol and drugs,...
Night Chant by Andrew Demcak
The terse, dark pieces in Andrew Demcak’s fourth collection of poems occur under the cover of night.  Into a richly macabre cityscape, the voices in these poems expose their secrets, from the desire of unbearable addictions to the shocking violence of hate crimes.  These spare poems, with their surprising images, are bold in their brevity. They converge into the...
The poems in A Single Hurt Color take us on winding, asymmetrical paths of loss, love, and grace.  Demcak knows when language must be talky and when it must be tight, and, as a result, these poems unfold in an expansive “pageant of tongues.”  He revels in sound, in rhythm, in all that makes the world simultaneously wobbly and secure.  The present moment comes alive in the residue...