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A Single Hurt Color by Andrew Demcak Now Up at Red Room
Andrew Demcak

My new book of poetry, A Single Hurt Color (GOSS 183::Casa Menendez Press, 2010) is now available for purchase for only $8.99 at the MiPOesias e-store: 

The poems in A Single Hurt Color take us on winding, asymmetrical paths of loss, love, and grace.  Demcak knows when language must be talky and when it must be tight, and, as a result, these poems unfold in an expansive “pageant of tongues.”  He revels in sound, in rhythm, in all that makes the world simultaneously wobbly and secure.  The present moment comes alive in the residue of the past, whether Demcak is quarreling with Freud on the beach, elegizing Versace, or serenading literary influences such as Zbigniew Herbert, Wallace Stevens, and, of course, Gertrude Stein. 

--Tony Trigilio, author, The Lama’s English Lesson