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Today Is My Novel's Birthday

After a long time alone in the bottom of the well, one of my novels is being published today.  An entirely different world has finally opened up to me.  It is subtle, but I am different.

 In the course of my career I have experienced great faith, great doubt and great endurance.  And if just one person reads my book ... I'm going to have a lot of extra books.  

 I am looking for reviews, whether feature articles, freelance pieces or Amazon/B&N.com.  There is no question my book will need help to become known.  I need you, gentle reader.  I need you.

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday Book

It's very exciting, and I wish you and your book very, very happy indeed and much success.


Jessica Barksdale Inclan www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com

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Congrats! I hope everything goes well with your novel!

Julie Boddorff, Red Room