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New Year's Irresolutions

I would venture to say that most of us, myself included, don't achieve what we set out to accomplish each new year with our so called "new year's resolutions" for any of myriad of reasons, or excuses really, and for this inherent reason I don't believe in them.  Well, I don't believe in them in the traditional sense, but I still believe in aspiring after some higher resolve, objective, or goal that we should strive to achieve.  Be it making a higher income, loosing weight, or some greater capacity in athleticism.

Personally, I havent written a new year's resolution in years but I'm still on track with my plan.  YES, I have a plan, a life plan.  A long term plan, and that my friends is what I preach or believe is what we all need to have before we attempt or start making weak resolutions that have no firm ground or foundation to stand on.  Don't get me wrong I'm not beating down the effort but not having a Plan to tie our Resolution to is what I believe is the primary cause for most of us not achieving our goals or resolutions.  Tying our resolutions to something bigger or giving them a purpose - a big picture, so-to-speak - is the necessary catalyst for them to churn & take on a life of their own.

Above all & foresmost, our plans or resolutions must be tangible & written in order for them to be achieved, this I speak from personal failure & experience.  I've observed in my own life that whenever I failed or didn't get what I planned for its because I had a weak execution, but in turn I've noticed the times when I have achieved what I set out for it's because I executed my written plan - took action & commited wholeheartedly.

In closing, think in terms of Big Picture Goals & tie your Resolutions to the overall Plan, commit to them in writing & have an accountability mechanism that will ensure the execution of your plan, and before you know it you'll begin to witness your very own Resolution blossoming.