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and then there was toast

I am very jazzed this year to start November. Last year I didn't get 2 days of writing in so it was abust. I have a mini outline  started and a title. I am planning on writing a memoir but more about my relation to food through out my life using memories of food and dishes and thier recipes. It has already led to some interesting family based emails as I am looking for certain family recipes and the stories behind them are pretty entetaining. I have a Culinary Degree and have spent over 20 years in the Restaurant and Hospitality business, so I have a lot of food stories and even with my background my approach to food preperation and our food systems has changed greatly. May not be as exciting as my 2006 novel about black market orchid sellers in Africa, but that one is still being completed. I'll try and keep the blog updated with excerpts and the challenges.