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Noordhoek Beach - taken with phone camera

I hate this time of year. This inbetween everything feeling.

Inbetween jobs. Inbetween knowing what I want, and what I need. Inbetween two amazing people. Trying to be good.

I have no money. All my photography work is basically over for the year, and I only start my IT work next year.  Waiting on some sort of bite on my camera advert - I need to sell her. I don't _want_ to, but I must. That's life.


Sitting here at my desk (now all neat and tidy, because I finally managed to put up those shelves that I've had since about March this year!) and trying to ignore the stink rising from the dog who is under my chair. He's happy. He found some semi-dried seaweed when we went for our walk on the beach, and he's been chewing it noisily and wetly since we got home. Since he's such a jovial fellow, he felt he needed to share this wonderful stench with me. He has also shared some with the other dogs (who didn't have the foresight to bring their OWN pieces of seaweed from the beach) so now I have this delicious aroma from all sides. My dogs love me, so they're all laying close by.

Happy. Stinky. Gosh I love them.

 I think I'm going to make a break for the kitchen and make some tea. Oh look at the time! It's also lunch time so I should think about making something. Toast is good. Toast with peanut butter and honey. Yes. I think that's a good plan.

I might even shove some peanut butter up my nose so that I can smell that instead of wet seaweed. *gag*

I really miss my man. My soldier. Out there in the sandpit. No word now, for 5 days. I'm sure he's fine - just busy.

And my Marine buddy. I know very well how busy _he_ is. Spoken to him twice in the last week. Both times very short and unhappy. I can't wait for Tuesday, when this damn inspection will be over and I'll get my bestest friend back.

You don't realise how much you need someones company, until days like these.

Hark! I hear the calling of the kettle. The Tea Needs Me.

I sally forth, dear friends...