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Andrea Alban Gosline's Books

Cover of Anya's War
At first Anya Rosen's life in Shanghai is privileged and relatively carefree: she has crushes on boys, fights with her mother, and longs to defy expectations just like her hero, Amelia Earhart. Then Anya finds a baby, a newborn abandoned on the street. Amelia Earhart goes missing. And it becomes dangerously clear that no place is safe—not for Jewish families like the Rosens, not...
From seed of hope to forest of happiness, this ode to trees invites readers to discover life's true gifts—peace, courage, gratitude, compassion, love, tolerance ... Ten trees celebrate the developmental assets that children need in order to thrive as happy, productive human beings. The lush paintings and lyrical tree bios are accompanied by an index of state trees and a pledge to...
  Follow this happy family along the magical path as they introduce their infant to the friendly farm. Count busy baby animals —hiding in a hole, flying for the first time, singing on a log— and discover the special welcome wish each animal makes for baby sister. A surprise awaits around the last bend and the animal families invite us to join their circle of love.  ...
for $11.04 for $5.98 for $12.99   JANUARY'S CHILD offers a fun and unique way to celebrate your birth month and discover your birthday gifts. From January to December, each birth month is paired with a whimsical animal painted in vibrant jewel tones and an affirmation poem that is easy to memorize and builds self-esteem. JANUARY'S CHILD has...
This beautifully illustrated journal, for parents and grandparents alike, creates a wonderful keepsake for the future. It includes ample space for writing and photos; a family tree; and pages to record important milestones, dates and observations as baby grows. Fine art quality four-color illustrations throughout make this a rich-looking gift.
Celebrating Motherhood
From the time she first learns she's pregnant until the time she holds her newborn baby, an expectant mother experiences an extraordinary range of emotions, from nervous excitement to awe-filled wonder. This book gathers together folklore, birth stories, naming customs, and spiritual guidance for first-or fifth-time mothers.
Mother's Nature Pregnancy Journal
This lavishly illustrated journal gives expectant moms an invaluable keepsake—a private space to capture their thoughts, hopes and sensations as they experience the miracle of birth.An inspirational companion, it also offers up wisdom and reassurance for each of the 40 weeks of a baby’s development.The pages of this elegant keepsake have plenty of space for easy writing and...