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What is your GlobalNiche? An interview with sustainable living guide Yesilist
Interview of me

The new era is about believing in yourself and creating your own niche. Anastasia Ashman and Tara Agayacak are two amazing ladies that created GlobalNiche to help people realize their visions and reach their dreams.


By Ergem Senyuva

What is GlobalNiche?

GlobalNiche is a practice of taking the steps necessary to make your life work wherever you are, and the worldwide network of people we work with who are committed to thriving despite being in the wrong place. 

The idea of a global niche is that there is a place where you can be as you most want to be. An every day place where you can recharge. Relax. Nourish yourself and prepare for other parts of your life. A place where you feel competent. Safe. Whole. It fits you like nothing else on the planet and it’s where you operate at your best. That’s your global niche. It’s the ideal place from which to live the life you want. At GlobalNiche.net we say you can build that. One tiny step at a time.

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Ergem Senyuva