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What's a global niche?

Glo· bal· niche, n.
psychic solution to your global identity crisis
[see expanded definition of a 'global niche']

Don't coin too many terms, a search-engine optimizer recently advised me. "No one’ll know what you're talking about, and those who might won't be able to find you on the Internet!"
personal compass by A.Ashman
Dilemma. At expat+HAREM we like to talk about our unconventional, unmapped lives. We can't wait for popular terminology to catch up.

On Twitter someone asked, “is ‘hybrid life’ kinda like what a salamander leads?” Sure, you could call us culture amphibians. Water, air, land. We (try to) do it all.

Here's the expat+HAREM proposition: We’re all born global citizens, even if that knowledge gets trained out of us. A global identity seems nebulous, and ungrounded. Better to bond with the concrete: family, culture, nation.

Yet we’re entering a permanent state of psychic limbo about who we are and where we belong in the world. Mixed blood, culture, family, religion. International work, study, travel. The self-actualization of virtual activityfinding our tribe, and the whole location independence movement. Our concrete center will not hold.

To become the global citizens we truly are, we need to find our place in the world.

...a sense of ourselves that is both unique and as big as we can be. Call it psychic location independence.

When we discover our psychic peers and foster global community with them, and honor the many worlds we belong to by fashioning a hybrid identity -- yes, a 'salamander' life -- we’ve found our global niche.

What terms do you use to talk about this cross-worlds phenomenon we’re living? What's your name for being at home in the world?