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Traditional Publishing Now Powerless?

Here in Istanbul I can feel the tremors coming out of the interactive conference in Austin TX this week after the explosive South by Southwest panel "New Think for Old Publishers."   

I'm completing a new book and watching the industry combust. This week's events have helped clarify my options.

Take a look at the following blog reports to see why an industry insider thinks "Publishing has never been in my lifetime in such a powerless state as it is now."  The conclusions may shatter once and for all the idea that traditional publishing is going to survive, but there's also good news for writers: those "who can build relationships with readers can disintermediate traditional publishers and thrive" since "publishers have privileged relationships with the media and retailers" while authors have the relationship with readers.





 Or read the stream of Tweets collected around the hashtag #sxswbp both during the event and since.