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From the expat+HAREM mailing list, of interest to writers, freelancers, bloggers and other microentrepreneurs:


Hey all, thought you'd like to know about this inspiring, hot-off-the-press resource...


Did you know that being a cultural creative and a global citizen means you're one extremely *creative* individual?

Ever turn that flexible, unbounded view of the world onto your livelihood? How you spend your time, what kind of freedom you enjoy, the money you bring in?

Sounds good, yes? But can creatives do business? And is business creative? Since when.

"Yes to both," says Lateral Action's Mark McGuinness, a British creativity coach whose philosophy is that "the creative economy is the final frontier" and our creativity is the only area that cannot be automated or outsourced offshore. 

Mark is author of a brand-new (released yesterday, ok?) free ebook sharing his journey to creative entrepreneurship. That's poet -> psychotherapist -> creative trainer in the globalized Web 2.0 world.

You know how much we love an unconventional success story at expat+HAREM so it's no surprise e+H will be an affiliate of Mark's upcoming training program for indie artists & writers, freelancers, bloggers and micro-entrepreneurs

...but today his brilliant, easy to understand, practical advice ebook FREEDOM, MONEY, TIME -- and the KEY TO CREATIVE SUCCESS is readable without sign up or any kind of commitment. Free. Worth a click.

Check it out -- and pass it on to anyone you know who can use a wider view of their own global creative potential in 2011. 

Here's the link if you want to send it around: 


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the training program Mark's running just opened

Last night Mark opened his training program for indie creatives... if you're interested, here's the link (the course registration closes on Saturday night, apparently):