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Expatriate literature may be stocked in the travel section, but does it deserve a shelf of its own? Living for extended periods in foreign locales, expatriates struggle to reestablish themselves and find meaningful access to their new home. Travelers passing through often have the luxury to avoid...
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As the coeditor of an anthology by foreign women in modern Turkey, and an American living abroad in Istanbul,  Twitter has been an invaluable tool to bring me closer to the world I work in, and up to speed on my industry.   I meet my readers (fellow expats, travelers, writers, and culturati among...
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Here in Istanbul I can feel the tremors coming out of the interactive conference in Austin TX this week after the explosive South by Southwest panel "New Think for Old Publishers."    I'm completing a new book and watching the industry combust. This week's events have helped clarify my...
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In a two-part interview with Career by Choice, a blog run by expat career coach Megan Fitzgerald in Rome, this week I talk about the lessons of Expat Harem in forging my expat writing life. Answering questions about personal branding and career success abroad, I explain how writing about my life...
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This week I got to the end of the second book, a memoir. At least in terms of the 25-year-long story of friendship I wanted to tell. It's just the first draft and a rewrite is definitely required.  However, it's a huge accomplishment and represents seven months of solid writing, with a year of ...
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Expat Harem editors meet Turkey's Culture Minister
As an Expat Harem coeditor and producer, I'm pleased to share highlights of 2008 and recent days, as well as a few events to watch for in 2009.  INTERVIEWED ON TVBecoming a go-to girl for providing the resident foreigner’s viewpoint on Turkish national television, this winter my coeditor Jennifer...
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 A new video encapsulates the lifespan of the anthology Tales from the Expat Harem. It's meant for foreign publishers considering translation rights...and we previewed it last week during a meeting with Turkey's minister of culture, who has agreed to use the book in promoting the country both...
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Random chat inspires a Twitterseries long-in-the-making. Chatting on Facebook this morning with an insomniac acquaintance in LA (10 hours behind me in Istanbul), he joked with me about my new Facebook page for the Expat Harem community. (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=...
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Electrifying talk last night by Dr. Deepak Chopra at the TIM Center in Maslak. My friend's company The Life Co co-sponsored the three-hour, far-ranging talk  "Secrets of Enlightenment" in which the Indian-born new age guru incorporated modern science, ancient wisdom, and personal anecdote...
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I'm inspired by social media guru Chris Brogan's blog entry about setting 3-word goals for 2009.  He suggests we extrapolate our ideas to three words that can easily remind us all year to stick to our resolutions: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/your-3-goals-for-2009/  As a cultural writer/multimedia...
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..and my blog about it got eaten by Redroom! Maybe later, gotta rest the wrists... good luck to NaNoers in the home stretch
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I've taken up the challenge to write 50k words this month with the now 10 year old writing program.    I'm working on the second act of a literary nonfiction book in progress  (it's not just novels any more!), after spending a year outlining the chronology and ordering the chapters of a 20 year...
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Busy with adventures in TV, film, magazines, websites.<> DOCUMENTARIES  Official production on Istanbul-based VTR’s film about the making of Expat Harem will begin in October, destined for the Istanbul European Culture Capital 2010 celebrations.  Designed as a 90-minute film in four 23-...
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Istanbul's 1st Global Nomad Salon, Four Seasons Sultanahmet
With all its disparate cultural facets, could Turkey be a model for integration for today's hybrid identity individuals?    On June 26th twenty five social scientists, businesspeople and cultural thought leaders gathered at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet in the shadow of the Haghia Sophia to try to...
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Anastasia Ashman, Matt Lauer, Jennifer Gokmen, May 1 2008 Istanbul Turkey
...is Matt Lauer? Istanbul! In this annual travel series of NBC's Today Show, America's #1 morning network TV program, the host pops up in a different global city each day for a week. Day 4 of his 2008 journey he arrived in Istanbul -- and interviewed me and my Expat Harem coeditor Jennifer Gokmen...
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