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The marathon of writing is only the first third of a book's triathlon: authoring + publishing + entrepreneuring.  Guy Kawasaki calls our unrivalled options today "artisan publishing". His new book (to be released December 10, 2012, click on the image to go to Amazon) is a practical...
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Not getting hired, promoted, asked to speak, invited to participate? Not getting read, funded, selected, noticed? You’re not being recognized. Here’s how you can change that. Overcome professional obscurity with digital literacy. Build your online presence with intention. Marry who you...
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it's that time of year...for my perennial, untoppable "fruits-and-nuts" American-family culture clash Thanksgiving story: Spirit of the Season(ing)
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  If writing is rewriting, creating is recreating. How many ways can you use a piece of content? And how might that content evolve as you use it in different places and formats? I'd say: in unexpected but welcome ways. In the GlobalNiche.net SUM-it UP program, we ask participants to...
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I love everything I'm hearing about my friend and colleague expat-repat writing coach and Thirsty author Kristin Bair O'Keeffe's monthly 38Write series of three-day global writing workshops. I especially admire her cutting-edge use of Twitter and Pinterest to create a real-time, web-based...
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  You add up. You make sense.See yourself as the complete package that you are.You're a GOLD MINE of opportunity. Tap into it today.     How? Uncover the real value you've already created Put your mountain of natural resources to work for you Link what you've done in the...
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Writers are born content producers. The more prolific among us are literally *volcanoes* of content, ideas springing from our skull like Athena from the head of Zeus.  Yet, I suspect a majority of what you’ve generated in your writing life isn’t actively working for you. It’s probably not...
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How GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life: a slideshow
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I recently relocated to San Francisco. Three decades away from my hometown area, I keep chanting: “Don’t expect it to be the same as it was in the past.” Since leaving the Bay area, I’ve lived in 30 homes in 4 countries, journeying first to the East Coast (Philadelphia Mainline) for college, then...
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What *is* a web platform? Here's the GlobalNiche.net answer: it's where and how you exist online. It's both the web technology you use, and who you are using it. It's the mechanical pieces on the web, and the conceptual pieces of you. It reflects the whole of you both offline and on. Your...
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The Global You manifesto from GlobalNiche.net. Get a downloadable, shareable copy here.          
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    Have you tried mapping the complexity and richness of your life (and career) with an overlapping Venn diagram? Here's what turned up when we did one for GlobalNiche -- you can see all the relationships of our personal and professional influences and communities as we operate at the...
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it's that time of year again -- for thanksgiving with maryjane
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By ANASTASIA ASHMAN Do you ever feel suspended between multiple worlds -- challenged in your pursuits and interests by culture, geography, language or time zone? Welcome to the club. The Global Niche club, that is. Here we take advantage of our situation mismatches. In fact, after fourteen years of...
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Exploring the (metaphorical!) meaning behind the graphic muse we love at GlobalNiche.net: creative enterprise for the global soul.   Here's the mini tweet story (see it in proper format at Storify.com) of our whimsical pioneer of a woman peering out from the center of her own personal...
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