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Psychic location independence

Recently LocationIndependentProfessionals.com asked why we want to be location independent. "Whatever you're looking for you can find where you are." It's simply not true.

We can get what we want and need where we are -- but not with a local solution. Try a psychic one.

22 by A.AshmanTake this week's short and balmy trip to Manhattan. I acted as a technology mule, bringing iPads to poor, under-served early adopters here in Istanbul, and reconnected with friends doing work I admire on scales and with methods I aspire to. My peers.

Right up my alley. But I may never live there again. Most of us cannot (always) go somewhere on the ground where all our people and our perfect lifestyle exist. We must find that psychically -- our "global niche".

The meaning and purpose of location independence and digital nomadism is to live and work autonomously. Although it evokes mobility, it's especially crucial for long term living situations: to find a way to get what you want and need despite the limitations of your location.  Much like the cross-national quandary posed at expat+HAREM -- "are you a global citizen by choice, or necessity?" --  out of necessity to live and work to my abilities I aim to be independent of my specific location.

Are you location independent by choice, or necessity? Where and why?

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I'm with you on rape as a war crime

Hi Anastasia,

This is not my original thought, but I did read once a quote that I agree with: Educate the girls and arm the women. Rape is a war crime, but it'd be nice to nip it in the bud if we could.

I'm a patriotic American who's a world citizen by choice. How many governments let their citizens bear arms so women can protect themselves? Maybe the writers of the Constitution slipped that through with women in mind, knowing that people would think it was for defense of the nation alone. Strong women make strong countries - someone has to protect the homefront. Long live Rosie the Riveter.


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Hi Ruth, thanks for

Hi Ruth, thanks for that....I'd agree rape should be considered on a par with murder and torture.

Arms however don't protect people, people protect people. Sometimes a weapon helps, sometimes it simply ends up arming the attacker. Teaching basic self defense and bolstering self esteem may be better arms for women.

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Depends Anastasia

Hi Anastasia,

Christiane Amanpour did a special on rape in Africa as a weapon of terror. If you have a gang of armed men who want to rape you as a method of terror, even a firearm might not help you.

There's an etching that Goya did of the Terrors of War that shows a French soldier raping a young Spanish girl when Napoleon's forces invaded Spain. The girl was helpless except for her grandmother who was busy knifing the soldier in the back with a very big butcher knife. So, maybe a good set of butcher knives is the answer and shrewd grandmas.

I completely believe in disarming people with intelligence, but if you're not practiced at it, it will be hard. Most Americans, for example, drive cars and never have to confront real danger like walking down city streets. Many of them play role playing games like World of Warcraft for thrills, but maybe they should take a busride through Harlem and see if they survive.

Rosie the Riveter I am sure was a conscious decision to show on the part of the Department of Defense. She's fictional, but any woman who can lift a rivet machine would have no problem picking up a machine gun or rocket launcher.

The best book I have ever read for strategy and defense is Sun Tzu's The Art of War and not the abbreviated editon used in business schools. The one with military strategy is the best and how it has been used through the centuries. Strategy, interests, and quick thinking all play into self-defense and, unfortunately, if you don't come from a military family or from the inner city you are the first to perish like the liberals in the Weimer Republic. Hitler just cake walked those people.

I like the mixture of things you've talked about here Anastasia. My favorite singer is the African lady who sang on the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire, I can't recall her name, I lent the soundtrack to someone and haven't gotten it back.


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Found the singer

MIA - Kala is the CD. Very tough music, but Africa is no picnic and neither is Turkey for the Kurds I would imagine.