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Most affecting: 1 year later


Seems like only yesterday my site and the online community around the Expat Harem anthology were"hothouse flowers blooming behind closed doors".

Now expat+HAREM, the global niche is celebrating a full year of camaraderie among cultural creatives, globally mobile progressives, and explorers of identity.

Celebration by A.Ashman

SPECIAL THANKS TO: 23 guest bloggers, our first and second"outsiders on the inside" who let us ply them with questions, our Hybrid Ambassadors, our Istanbul web carnival participants, and almost 16,000 visitors (with 27K visits!) from 150 countries.

Your comments were 2,300 invitations to whole new worlds...into your homes and neighborhoods, your transnational marriages, your desk drawer overflowing with official documents, your multi-culti will-never-get-it-right wardrobe, your baffling workplaces, your off-key instincts, your wanderlust, your mixed bloodline, your soul-quenching creative pursuits, your hopes and fears for your littlest global citizens.

You invited us to imagine being you. We did, and the weekly revelations continue to linger.

Here are a few of my faves from expat+HAREM's first year.

Which expat+HAREM post/discussion affected you the most this year? Anything changed since you first read it (or wrote it)?
Neoculture entertainment writer/producer Anastasia Ashman

Anastasia Ashman is a California-born writer/producer of neoculture entertainment based in Istanbul.This series covers what's crossing the mind and desk of expat+HAREM's founder.

This is my final post of 2010, please have a very happy and healthy new year filled with evolution.