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Happy New Year to everyone at Redroom, from me and my partner at GlobalNiche! Here's the newsletter that just went out -- which includes a special offer to join our on-demand channel at Udemy for social development of your career.

Why would writers care to use social to develop your career? The program -- using your content and the best social web tools for your purposes -- gives you a repeatable system to build an online presence to meet your on- and offline goals: a platform for your work as an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur. A place for global opportunity to find you.

It'll be especially useful if you'd like to take the guesswork out of how to operate digitally. Udemy offers a money-back guarantee. Worth a try! 

Best wishes for 2013,


Global Niche productionsHappy New Year!

As 2013 begins, we want to send you our best wishes for the coming year and catch you up about some of the exciting new things happening with GlobalNiche -- and we invite you to participate. Don't miss the *special offer* at the bottom!

SUM-it UP at Udemy http://www.udemy.com/globalniche-sum-it-up


Last fall we offered our first online-presence-building program live and established a dynamic, always-on channel at Udemy. 

Years in the making, we've systematized a strategy we've relied on as expats for survival -- to change our off-line life by improving our online presence. Call it "social career & life development". Now you can use it to level up in any area you desire more success.

We're blown away by the "life-changing" reviews so far (see the feedback at the Udemy course, and on our  testimonials page  and our   Facebook album.

Live Community Web Chats
ImageAfter a whole year of live public web chats, in 2013 we're strengthening the bonds of our global community by making these events exclusive to SUM-it UP participants. 

The thought-provoking, interactive monthly sessions will still be recorded and made available, but only participants in our Udemy channel will be invited to participate live.

Private Facebook Community
We all know working in groups increases the success of individual members so we've created a private GlobalNiche Facebook group -- it's been called a "go-to-group and think-tank"! 

SUM-it UP participants can join this group for a monthly membership fee and receive 24/7 support on questions specific to their own global niche.


Monthly Brainstorming Sessions
ImageIn 2013 we'll also be offering free live web video brainstorming sessions for people in our Facebook membership community. 

Members will be able to submit questions in advance or ask them real time to benefit from the global brain trust of the GlobalNiche community.

*Special Offer*
You know that your online presence is how the world meets you and how opportunity finds you. 

Make the exact impression you want in 2013, using what comes naturally to you and the best social web tech for your purposes. That's what we're doing at SUM-it UP.


We're pleased to offer 50% off the one-time course fee for SUM-it UP to the first 50 people who sign up before January 31st. (Warning: price goes up after that.) Udemy offers a money-back guarantee.
To take advantage of this offer, use "specialentry" (no quotes) at Udemy where it asks for a redemption code for SUM-it UP:  http://www.udemy.com/globalniche-sum-it-up

See you in the program! 

All our best wishes for 2013,
Anastasia & Tara