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ICYMI: Stop Apologizing For Your Online Life

Here's a classic ICYMI -- "in case you missed it."

In this TEDxVictoria talk from 2012, one of GlobalNiche's favorite proponents of the online life Alexandra Samuel argues that once we embrace our online lives as part of our real lives we will unlock the potential of the internet.

She gives us 10 reasons to stop apologizing for what we do online and asks us:

What if you claimed everything you're sharing online as your birthright as a creative being?

Another oldie but goodie on this topic comes from a pioneer in online marketing and online communities, the author Tara Hunt. In "Where would I be without the internet?" she writes about how the internet found a lost woman (that's my story too!) and claims

this "amazing platform has provided me with a voice I couldn’t have accessed otherwise."

One more ICYMI on the virtual vs. real life debate.

A man named Paul Miller thought the internet was making him unproductive.  "Corrupting my soul," is how he put it.  To stop the meaninglessness in his life, he went offline for a year. 

What did he learn?

That online is where the people are. It's not something you do alone, it's something we do together. It's a way to live your life more fully.

As Miller points out, the internet helps show that you are here and alive, a colleague who can be worked with, a friend and a child that can be reached. As much as weak online connections have been denigrated as false, "a Facebook friend is better than nothing," he concludes. And, it's up to you how you use technology to achieve the results you want in life. Technology doesn't choose for you.

Where are you in the virtual vs. real life debate? Are you using technology in a way to get the life results you want?

Do you have your own ICYMI on this topic? We want to know! Be your good digital citizen self/full-on creative being and share it in the comments.

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