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Decolonize your inner world: Amna Ahmad shows how to gain sovereignty of your hybrid life


We love people who can talk sense about our hybrid personality and lifestyle issues. When Brooklyn-based life- and writing-coach Amna Ahmad, the dazzling founder of The Pragmatic Hybrid, released her new ebook Decolonize Your Inner World we instantly knew it would resonate at expat+HAREM. 

Amna's basic philosophy is that we're complicated beings who have the privilege of creating our lives as a happy mix of our cultural inheritances -- and our inner reality. That mix is not automatic. We have to figure out which inherited expectations we'll keep and those we choose to leave behind. It takes insight to be the expert on ourselves that only we can be, and skills to claim our autonomy -- our personal sovereignty.

In Decolonize Your Inner World, Amna declares that the consensus around us may not be the truth (or our truth!). Instead, it's a trick of the colonizing force we call culture. "We always do it this way. That's our custom. All our children are engineers." Sound familiar?

She urges us to trust our own self-knowledge to change the outcome of an oppressive situation. In this jewel of a PDF*  she gives us a simple writing exercise and explains what kind of reactions and results we'll get along the way as we practice throwing off internalized outside powers that don't serve us well. Eventually we can learn to co-exist peaceably and self govern in most any environment.

Amna's ebook helps us begin to set our agenda independent of the larger cultural expectations that surround us...making our inner world a brave, free and hybrid place.

Now that's a place we want to live.

How have you been decolonizing your inner world?

Anastasia Ashman is a California-born writer/producer of neoculture entertainment based in Istanbul. This series covers what's crossing the mind and desk of expat+HAREM's founder.

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