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Creativity Snippet #1 inspired by Author Lori L. Tharps Memoir Writing Workshop
Creativity Snippet #1 by Ananda Leeke Copyright 2008 by Madelyn C. Leeke. Excerpt from That Which Awakens Me (Winter 2009) My creative juices are flowing. That’s a yummy thing! They’ve been marinating in a large pink and purple pot of poetry soup since Sunday afternoon. Today I thought I would fix a bowl of poetry soup. When I looked into the bowl, a flurry of words appeared in the clear broth of creative space. The title of a new poem emerged. It appeared as a six word memoir: confession episode from weekend food journey. After saying the title out loud a few times and counting the words, I realized that it was inspired by a writing exercise that I did during Author Lori Tharps’ memoir writing workshop held at All Souls Unitarian Church on Sunday, October 5th. After the workshop, I didn’t think I had time to read her book, Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain, a coming-of-age memoir that reveals Lori’s travel adventures and journey to love herself. So I didn’t buy it. The next day I realized that I needed her book as inspiration for my writing journey. My fingers found their way to my keyboard. They typed in Amazon.com and pressed the purchase book button. The rest is book buying history. I am currently waiting for Kinky Gazpacho to arrive so I can read it during my daily commutes. To learn more about Lori, visit http://www.loritharps.com/. So back to what I was saying about the six word memoir title and flurry of words that appeared in my bowl of poetry soup … They all came together and made a poem that hopefully gives you a peak into the window of my creative process. I call it a creativity snippet. The poem is included below. If you are interested in reading more creativity snippets that were inspired by Lori’s workshop, drop by later in the week. All of them will be included in my poetic memoir. confession episode from weekend food journey by ananda leeke
copyright 2008 by madelyn c. leeke. news alert to self: you are officially banned from eating the $1.99 barbeque potato chips for dinner three times during the work week and religiously on saturdays and sundays.
cuz’ the chips are going straight to your hips, darling little girl puf
who cares?
six members of your internal council that live in your head care: sapphire, broomhilda, madelyn, cheryl, kiamsha, and ananda.
why can’t i have my way?
cuz’ it is simply not good for the team. we all agreed to drop the 18 pounds of body baggage by december. remember?
yeah i remember, but the chips sure do taste good.
i’m sure they probably do, but we have made such great progress over the past several months. we’re maintaining our size 10. plus we’re about 10 weeks away from our size 8. do you see where your chip eating is leading us?
down the path to a size 12 and beyond.
okay then... stop sabotaging our efforts. we’ll be 44 on december 18. don’t you want us to be healthy? our body can’t take the roller coaster rides. and besides we are a bit vain.
i hear you loud and clear. i’ll cease and desist, but I may slip and fall once a month.
if and when that happens, we’ll support you and get you on a twelve step program!
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Eating Frenzy

Pretty funny. I like the idea of the six word memoir you mentioned. I just read about it tonight. My first: In process creating fluid writing life. Not so good yet but true. Best.