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Roxana was about three months old when I snapped this picture. I was trying to learn how to use a digital camera, which was ostensibly for taking merchandise photos for our online business selling Persian handicrafts and books.  This is partly why Roxana had a Persian name.

She was born (or hatched) in Centerville, Ohio in September 2005, but I remember the day in December when she came to live with our other two budgies, Marco and Phoebe.  (Marco was actually a female, but we didn't know that until she laid an egg one day.) They both accepted her readily - of course, Marco had to demonstrate that as the "senior budgie," she was the boss, but Roxana didn't seem to mind.  Phoebe was so laid-back that she would have accepted any roommate, but Marco and Roxana seemed to bond quite well.

They were both fond of exploring (which is how Marco got her name, after Marco Polo) and developed an affinity for the chessboard.  They would watch, apparently fascinated, as my husband as he set up chess problems to solve and reviewed grandmasters' games.  After a few minutes they would grap the pawns (the only pieces they could manage) in their beaks and try to "help" -- or who knows, maybe they wanted to try a new tactic. 

Roxana also enjoyed just hanging out in the living room (the birds had a smaller cage in a separate room for "bedtime") and watching the world go by outside the window. She had just turned her head at the right time when I managed to take this photo.

I enjoy photography and hope that I'll someday have the time and money to take a class or two. Meanwhile, the fortunate accidents are the best I can do.