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Ghosts and the reappearance of objects lost

How do I account for things that disappear and suddenly return?  

I went to see my eye doctor, presented ID and my insurance card, required. Inside also was a credit card. I always wear a wallet with a strap that hangs my neck, precisely so I don't lose things. I had no purse. My assistant was with me and clearly remembers the wallet around my neck.  When I returned home, the wallet was no longer around my neck. I called the hospital, looked in car, searched everywhere between car and office, even in all my purses and pockets of all jackets and coats.  Finally, my husband and I gave in and called the credit card company. The moment my husband said it was cancelled, I selected a purse to replace my wallet. It had been completely empty when I searched in there just moments before for the third time.  When I looked in, all three items were in the purse and  in plain view.

A few days later, I could not find a credit card that had been in my office drawer,  in a special 3" x5" section. All infrequently used credit cards were kept there, as well as frequent buyer membership cards and the like.   The card was turquoise, hard to miss. I searched the stack of cards, tore apart the drawer, went though everything in my office. I routinely open  that drawer several times a day. A replacement came. I opened the drawer to put it in. The missing turquoise card was right on top. 

And now there is the sudden appearance of things.  One example:  Recently, I forgot to bring my pill case and hence wouldn't be able to take some essential medication for seizures. It is a very expensive one requiring a prescription.  It was also the day I was going to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.  Not good.  I said to my husband who was driving, "Of all times."  I then glanced down and I saw, in the side well of the passenger door and in a small space between a jumble of CD cases and a water bottle,  a single pill. I pulled it out.  It was the pill I needed to take.

   I have pondered  the reasons why this has happened.  Dementia?  A husband who is trying to make me think I am crazy, similar to that Ray Milland character in Dial M for Murder?  Or is it ghosts?  

In the past, when I've been writing a novel, things like this happened with increasing frequency the further i went into writing the novel.  I took them as clues, a hint,  as well as encouragement. And  I always felt it was my grandmother, who killed herself in 1925, who was trying to get me to notice something.  In the last 10 years, I've thought it was sometimes my mother who died in 1999.  And if that is who it was, I think she was telling me that she was going to be with me as I was inducted in the Hall of Fame.  


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I love how you write about mysterious disappearances and appearances with a moving and heartwarming ending.

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Lost and Found

I'm always losing things and reading your post gives me hope I will find what I need when I least expect to.