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Dear Suitemate #3,

When in a temper tantrum with your mother, please for both of our sanities (and suitemate numbers 2 and 3's as well)do not scream loud enough that people can hear you in the hall, or loud enough that I can hear your every word loud anough to WAKE UP from what must be the first chance I had at sleep in over 48 hours.  I do not care if your mother doesn't like the idea of you changing majors, I don't care if she wants to pull you out of Baylor, and I really don't care about anything at the moment.  Because caring might mean that you could be dead before you could scream.

 So shut up next time.  Thank you.

 Your loving roomie.


Dear Amanda,

Thank you for kindly letting me sleep.  My roommates were thinking I was getting grouchy.

 Though, the dreamed up sequences were unnecessary.  I can do well enough with the daydreams, thank you very much.  But Jensen Ackles was a nice touch.  He was rather handsome shirtless.

Oh, that wasn't you?  Oohhhh....

Bad author, BAD!

Excuse me, I'll write your next chapter after I finish boring, boring pre-cal homework.  Can I consentrate on that and not doodle Evan's eyes instead of doing it, again?

Wait that wasn't you either?

...no more watching Supernatural for a while.  I must go cold turkey on Jensen Ackles for a while.

your loving author


Dear Jensen Ackles,

I must take you out of my life for a while.  No more Supernatural marathons, or rewatching the season of Smallville you were on.

Yes, I must move on.  Have a good life

a dedicated fan


Dear anyone reading this,

 How crazy do you think I am?

your blogger

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Are you crazy?

Show me someone who isn't crazy and I'll show you someone whose heart no longer beats.

My trick has always been to control my brand of crazy. I didn't learn to do that until fairly recently, though, before then I let my family and my friends determine my brand of crazy.

So yeah, you're crazy. The real question is: are you in control of your brand of crazy? If not, time to own up, find your brand and then figure out if you like it. If you don't, then its time to make a new brand.

What's it like to go to a high school with a class of only four? Now that's a blog topic if I ever heard one. How many "my school was so small ..." jokes can you make up?

Going to such a small high school must have been nice. I miss high school (mostly).

Funny post. Keep 'em coming!


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I giggle at this because I'm

I giggle at this because I'm talking about my dormmates who I room with.

And I go to Baylor University.  We're small, but not four people small.  =]

 And there are two types of insanity.  Good insanity and bad insanity.  Good is something that helps one survive the social order and etc.  Bad is the one that is looked down upon by society.  So, insanity really depends on society's view on it.

 Or at least, that's my theory.

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This is from your profile:

This is from your profile: "High School Seven Lakes High School, class of 4"

That's what I was talking about. That's a small high school.

I just realized: perhaps you meant class of `04?

Ah well... words, so flawed, so foibled, so flimsy and yet: it's all we have to communicate.


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Sorry about the dates being wrong, everybody. It's a bug in Red Room's system that we're working hard to correct. Thanks for your patience.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Well then..

Ah, I see where you got the misconception, except I have 2008 in there, so apparently redroom hates me.  Whee...

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No hate...

...just technology. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Brooke!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Thank you sir!