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“Based loosely on D.H. Lawrence's 1924 pilgrimage to Taos, N.M., where he hoped to create an artists' utopia, Amy Boaz's diamond-cut debut, A Richer Dust, follows Doll, a shy, near-deaf painter who accompanies brooding philosopher Abe Bronstone and his querulous German wife, Vera, from London to Taos. Boaz moves with brisk authority between three time periods: Doll's aristocratic upbringing in pre-WWI London, her ill-fated, impulsive voyage with Abe and Vera, and her spirited dotage, where she finds love with an eccentric younger man. A superb stylist, Boaz ferrets out the sometimes sinister nature of good intentions. A” --Entertainment Weekly

“In her beguiling debut, Boaz ambitiously plays three time periods against one another to form a complex portrait of a brave, iconoclastic woman . . . . an accomplished first novel by a gifted stylist.” --Publishers Weekly

“Readers particularly interested in women’s studies, art history, D.H. Lawrence, the aesthetic coming of age of the American Southwest, Trotsky, or just good writing should take a look at A Richer Dust, an unusual, compelling and historically absorbing novel by Amy Boaz. She skillfully brings together different time periods and settings Victorian England and Taos, New Mexico in the adventurous `20s and `hippie 60s, but it’s her re-creation in imagery and sentence rhythms of the world of D.H. Lawrence, his pulsing energy and outsize magnetism, that truly impresses.” --The Independent

“The character of Doll is a pure delight. I adored the romance with the young ‘boy,’ as she calls him. Where do we see that in literature so honestly and lovingly portrayed?” --The Barcelona Review