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Siren is jam-packed with springtime goodness:

26 05 2009

spring-smiles by Jamie Comstock

Siren is jam-packed with springtime goodness:

Siren is back with a brand new issue,

including poetry by Michelle Bitting, Mark Cunningham, Valerie Fox, Amy King, Ryan Laks, Gareth Lee, Karyna McGlynn, Sally Molini, Natasha Moni, Cait Rappel, Paul Siegell, and Elizabeth Volpe,

and art & photography by Gundega Dege, Matina Stamatakis, and Lafayette Wattles.

Also, check out news and notes from former contributors Arlene Ang, Kristy Bowen, Stephanie Dickinson, Jehanne Dubrow, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Dorianne Laux, Rachel Loden, Kiki Petrosino, Peter Schwartz, and Alex Stolis.


Of course, my own poems, of sorts, appear.  To whet your whistle and make you click the interwebz link, the beginning of one of three:

Be Good and Be Country

When the grapes are in their wrath, I lie

low in my headless socket to see your faces

through time’s spent reading glasses.

–Cont’d @ Siren, A Literary and Arts Journal


p.s.  I’ve got more great news I’m itching to share, but you’ll have to stay tuned for a spell.  It’s worth it!


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