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Got Gulf Oil? Something to Say? Call for Work...

Like to eat Louisiana seafood? Swim with the Florida fishies?  Enjoy a little oil in your cereal? No?  Please answer the call for work at Poets for Living Waters today!

Poets for Living Waters is a poetry action in response to the Gulf Oil Disaster of April 20, 2010, one of the most profound man-made ecological catastrophes in history. Former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky describes the popularity of poetry after 9/11 as a turn away from the disaster’s overwhelming enormity to a more manageable individual scale. As we confront the magnitude of this recent tragedy, such a return may well aid us.

The first law of ecology states that everything is connected to everything else.  An appreciation of this systemic connectivity suggests a wide range of poetry will offer a meaningful response to the current crisis, including work that harkens back to Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing regional effects.

This online periodical is the first in a planned series of actions.  Further actions will include a print anthology and a public reading in Washington DC.

If you would like to submit work for consideration, please send 1-3 poems, a short bio, and credits for any previously published submissions to:


Editors: Amy King & Heidi Lynn Staples


If you care, share this urgent call!

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Oil has got to mess up the water cycle

Hi Amy,

I think people have a hard time caring about animals in oil spills and don't see how the oil affects them when it's on a faraway coast.

I want to tell them that it's hard for the water cycle to be complete with all that muck out there which could cause less precipitation, more wind, and dessication of the agricultural land. It's been a long time since earth science for me, but if people realize that these kinds of natural disasters have a direct impact on their way of life, there would be more preventative measures and better clean up.

Thank you for sharing this. I'm a terrible poet, but I certainly like this poetry effort.


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Thank you, Ruth!

I agree - this disaster, that we've created, is not only going to affect the marshlands and other ecological dependents, but people will suffer as well. I guess only time will bear witness.



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I am sharing this on my FB


I have many friends who write incredible poetry and do collaging journals with them.

Maybe they will contribute to this effort.

Best to you, too.

Ruth :)

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Yep, I'll post this on

Yep, I'll post this on facebook as well. Good luck!!

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Seafood eaters might begin to notice something

Hi Amy,

I love seafood and I guess the price will go up on seafood, because we'll have to import even more. Wonder if anyone will notice? Seafood lovers can keep up with what they can and shouldn't eat with a Seafood Watch Card from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.