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Pet Peeves Radio at http://www.petliferadio.com
What HISSES you off about cats and dogs (or other pets)? The issues-oriented PET PEEVES weekly half hour podcast on www.petliferadio.com has become a wonderfully fun time! So far, I've interviewed David Frei, the "voice" of the Westminster Dog Show, to find out if those frou-frou dogs...
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I'm still here, in sunny Palm Springs, CA after an energetic and energizing day-and-a-half brainstorming with some of the most caring, influential, and savvy cat-centric people on the planet. I will be writing a couple of columns, perhaps an expanded article, and most certainly a radio show...
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Hi everyone, I have a 'flavor' to ask you. *s* I know that many writers share their lives with cats--and this is your opportunity to help improve the lives of your pets. According to the AVMA's latest poll, 36.6 percent of cat-owning households received no vet care in 2006 compared to 17.3 percent...
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Today I taped the first of what I hope will be many interesting and exciting radio pod-casts. PET PEEVES can be found at www.petliferadio.com and I'll have a new show and guests each week for the half hour. As a writer who routinely interviews for research when writing nonfiction books and...
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I entered the blogosphere less than two months ago, and already I've one on livejournal, at NBC's petside.com, and now here! Red Room certainly is jumping. I'd already posted about Patry's book on my other blog but I'm delighted to see it's a cause here as well. I only know a few other folks...
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